You have the choice between 2 options

OPTION 1 : A choice between our many themes with real percussion instruments. We can also reduce the duration and the number of participants per group. 

✅ We wear a mask and gloves when installing the instruments

✅ Instruments installed in advance before the students arrive

✅ All instruments are disinfected before and after each group

✅ All participants must wash or disinfect their hands before and after the activity

✅ Distancing between bubble groups and the facilitator

OPTION 2 : You have the choice of having a contactless workshop, that is to say, no distribution of instruments on our part. Each participant will make their instruments at home or in class before the activity and bring them on the day of the event. (Bucket, wooden spoons, maracas, castanets, guiro, claves) A ​​percussion workshop made from recycled materials, accompanied by pop and festive music with dance. Very easy and quick to make, you have everything you need at home or in the classroom to make them.

NEW : Percussion workshop made from recycled materials


Participants will make Castanets, Guiro, Maracas, Clave and Drum by following our explanatory video.

We will have nothing to distribute, no contact, the students will already have their instruments in possession, the facilitator will only have to lead the workshop.


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