Saya Percussion

Saya Percussion

Saya Percussion offers a complete range of packages guaranteeing you a unique experience tailored to all customer needs.

Percussion and dance shows

Our division offers colorful shows that will delight your guests. Whatever type of event you want to organize, Saya Percussion offers you a percussion and dance show as well. Ideal for all types of events, our professional percussionists will take you straight into an energizing experience where the pace quickly becomes contagious! You will be dazzled by the know-how of our professional dance troupes accompanied by percussionists who will transport you to the Brazilian, African and Afro-Peruvian countries. We can also combine the show with an animation service. Ideal for all types of events, the animation of Saya Percussion guarantees the entertainment and the assured pleasure of all your guests !

Percussion Workshops

The percussion workshops are an essential activity to introduce your guests to the world of percussion. Offered by our team of professional percussionists who come with a wide range of instruments, the workshops promote the development of artistic sense and sensory discovery. Providing a mobilizing experience that gives free rein to self-expression and the emergence of group energy, the workshops will transport you to a rich and varied universe.


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