Percussion workshops

Percussion workshops

Percussion workshops at festivals, birthdays, weddings, private and corporate events, also for seniors in centers and residences. 

Percussion workshops for adults

This is an essential activity to introduce your guests to the world of percussion. Offered by our team of professional percussionists who come with a wide range of instruments. The workshop provides an engaging experience that gives free rein to self-expression and artistic discovery. We will transport you to a rich, varied and entertaining world. The pleasure is assured! 

Percussion workshops for seniors

We offer workshops for senior citizens, specifically tailored to the needs of this clientele, centers, residences and municipalities through their QADA program. The growing success of this activity is proof that the practice of percussion brings pleasure and benefits to seniors, it works motricity, body coordinations, stimulates memory and reflexes of the participants. This activity also presents itself as an ideal opportunity to spend quality family time with children and grandchildren and have guaranteed fun! We call it Percutherapy! 


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